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Highlight for Album: Werebeasties
Album: Werebeasties

wereanimal based artwork
Changed: 06/22/2014
Contains: 301 items.
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Highlight for Album: Chat POses
Album: Chat POses

graphical chat poses i have done for others no takeies
Changed: 03/29/2013
Contains: 13 items.
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Highlight for Album: Freeebies(anychat  these are not allowed on avataur!)
Album: Freeebies(anychat these are not allowed on avataur!)

free poses to use on any graphical chat unless stated otherwise
Changed: 01/27/2014
Contains: 61 items.
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Highlight for Album: gore artwork
Album: gore artwork

for more r rated stuff that has gore and blood guts those type of drawings
Changed: 06/15/2014
Contains: 123 items.
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Highlight for Album: misalanous
Album: misalanous

artwork of other things be sides wereanimals and gore
Changed: 06/22/2014
Contains: 226 items.
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Highlight for Album: Mystic Eclipse
Album: Mystic Eclipse

this is the new stuff that i have gotten for my chat so far do not steal!!!!! or i will hunt you down and eat you!
Changed: 05/20/2012
Contains: 13 items.
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Highlight for Album: Smut
Album: Smut

DISCLAIMER!!!! Due to some rude coments on the smut art i am posting this here. If anything in this section offends or disturbs you please do not view the gallery !!!! That dunmean view and leave rude tasteless comments on the artwork posted within this gallery!! Thanks pladywolf for mature aduances only!! meaning 18 or older may view this section!
Changed: 06/22/2014
Contains: 133 items.
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Highlight for Album: Spencers taxi mounts
Album: Spencers taxi mounts

mounts are from local taxidermist place i go to to take photos and do studies for my art. i know the owners i get to see all the behind the sceans stuff which is kool :)
Changed: 05/04/2014
Contains: 422 items.
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Highlight for Album: Screenies!!!!!!!!
Album: Screenies!!!!!!!!

screen shots from my chat mystic eclipse and our crazy antics
Changed: 04/03/2013
Contains: 29 items.
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Highlight for Album: Portrates
Album: Portrates

all protrates i have done!!
Changed: 05/15/2014
Contains: 65 items.
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