Poses in this gallery are not freebies Most the poses here are not sorted. Poses found here were either done as commission or some other such artsy inspiration and are considered for that person ONLY unless otherwise stated. Permissions (to other people) for use and modification of poses originally done for my personal character are in a different gallery

Highlight for Album: Non-free Crinos Poses
Album: Non-free Crinos Poses

Gallery of Crinos Poses - Non-free
Changed: 03/23/2012
Contains: 39 items.
Viewed: 10470 times.

Highlight for Album: Tendrils ahoy
Album: Tendrils ahoy
Changed: 11/26/2011
Contains: 15 items.
Viewed: 5214 times.

Highlight for Album: Miscellaneous Colored Poses
Album: Miscellaneous Colored Poses

Gallery of Miscellaneous poses (colored)
Changed: 06/30/2013
Contains: 65 items.
Viewed: 11322 times.

Highlight for Album: PoseOutlines
Album: PoseOutlines
Changed: 05/30/2013
Contains: 52 items.
Viewed: 8395 times.

Highlight for Album: Feline Plushies
Album: Feline Plushies

Pose set for Untamed Spirits
Changed: 11/27/2011
Contains: 13 items.
Viewed: 4772 times.

Highlight for Album: Plush Poses
Album: Plush Poses
Changed: 09/19/2013
Contains: 34 items.
Viewed: 6481 times.

Highlight for Album: Various Poses for Freyja
Album: Various Poses for Freyja
Changed: 05/23/2010
Contains: 33 items.
Viewed: 6543 times.

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